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Cicero Dental Cleaning

Where can I get a dental cleaning in Cicero?

At Affordable Family Dental, we emphasize the importance of taking a preventative approach to caring for your teeth and gums. We recommend coming in twice a year for a Cicero dental cleaning and clinical examination. We believe that by keeping teeth plaque-free and by catching oral health conditions early on, when they are easiest to treat, you can enjoy a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles.

Cicero dental cleaning

The main cause of periodontal and dental disease is plaque. Plaque is a sticky film that continuously accumulates in the mouth and harbors bacteria that feed off sugars. By brushing, flossing and limiting your intake of sugary foods, you are taking important steps in preventing tooth decay. Visiting your dentist for a Cicero dental cleaning helps ensure that your teeth are as clean and healthy as possible. Your dentist will remove plaque that has calcified and turned to tartar from difficult to reach spots in your mouth. Children are particularly susceptible to cavities, although they can occur at any age. For our pediatric patients, we recommend fluoride treatments and dental sealants, which are proven to reduce the risk of cavities in children. Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent the erosion of tooth enamel and dental sealants are protective coatings painted on to the biting surfaces of your child’s molars to prevent food debris and plaque from accumulating in the crevices. As part of your checkup, your dentist will perform a clinical examination and use diagnostic films, as needed, to diagnose any oral health conditions that may be present. Early intervention is the best way to apply the most straightforward and effective treatment.

When you have a trusted, local dentist you can depend on, it makes it easier to keep up with regular dental checkups. At Affordable Family Dental, your provider of Cicero dental cleaning and oral exams, we strive to keep teeth cavity free from the start. To learn more, call today.

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