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Whether it’s back to school time or you just have a spare afternoon, it may be a good time to take your child to visit the dentist. The American Dental Association holds that children who regularly see a dentist throughout their developmental years are more likely to establish and maintain good oral health well into their adult years. And getting your child comfortable going to dental visits at an early age will nip-in-the-bud undue fears and anxieties. If you’re looking for a warm, family-friendly and highly skilled dentist near 46034 zip code area, take your child to Affordable Family Dental, right here in Cicero.


Dentist near 46034

The dentists at Affordable Family Dental stress preventive care, and the routine monitoring of your child’s oral health. With that approach, if any issues arise, they can be addressed at their initial stages preventing unnecessary expense and procedures. They’re also great at explaining and teaching children about the ins and outs of brushing and flossing properly, so their young patients can maintain their oral health care regimen at home. A big part of preventive dentistry focuses on the consistent and thorough removal of plaque from your child’s mouth.

As the root cause of the single most chronic childhood disease—tooth decay—as well as playing a hand in gum disease, making sure your child’s mouth is free of plaque is of vital importance. Usually around the ages of 6 and 12, when your child’s molars begin to come in, your dentist near 46034 recommends the use of sealants to add further protection from the development of tooth decay in those hard to reach back areas. Fluoride treatments are also effective in strengthening enamel and protecting your child’s teeth from acid erosion and plaque build-up.

So, if you’re looking for a welcoming, light-hearted, positive environment for your child’s dental care, start by visiting Affordable Family Dental; your source for a reliable and talented dentist near 46034. Living up to their name, they also offer a variety of financing options and work with many insurances. Call their office today to learn more.


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